Build an Exciting Career in Data Science
Build an Exciting Career in Data Science

Master’s in Data Science Career Opportunities

Data science is a vast, rapidly growing field with almost endless potential. In the past decade, data science job opportunities have exploded into a variety of impactful, lucrative roles across industry sectors.

No matter your background, take some time to explore the different careers in business analytics, data science, machine learning, and more that you can excel in with an Online Data Science, M.S. from New York Institute of Technology.

The Rising Demand for Data Scientists

job growth through 20321
job openings each year through 20321
Best Job in America in 20222
average data scientist salary in New York3

What is a Data Scientist?

Data scientists are analytical data experts. From enormous amounts of information, these professionals gather, organize, clean, and decipher data to help organizations solve problems. They use scientific processes and algorithms for everything, from sorting through supply chain errors to helping to pick what song comes next on your playlist.

Because they work in various departments and industries, data science professionals need to have a specific set of skills and knowledge to succeed. An online master’s in data science is one of the most direct, comprehensive ways to gain these skills.

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Essential Skills

  • Research & analysis
  • Machine learning
  • Statistical modeling
  • Data visualization
  • Presenting & public speaking
  • Problem solving

Data Science Careers

One of the biggest benefits of a data science education is that you don’t need a tech background to apply, and becoming a data scientist isn’t your only option once you graduate. Data science skills are widely applicable and transferable, opening up numerous opportunities for exploration and growth. With a deep background in data analytics, statistics, computer science, and machine learning, you can pursue any of these lucrative data science or data analyst career paths.

How Much Can You Make in Data Science?

Browse average salaries below

Data scientist3
Database administrator4
Machine learning engineer5
IT director6
Solutions architect7
Data engineer8

Increase Your Worth

With all of these opportunities, is a master’s in data science worth it? Similar to other tech jobs, the best and most efficient path toward a data science career is to earn a bachelor’s and/or master’s degree. In the field of data science as a whole, a master’s degree is often expected, if not required—and it often comes with higher salaries as well.

17% higher average salary

for data scientists with master’s degrees or above compared with those with only an undergraduate degree9

Should I Get a Master’s in Data Science?

The most common degree for data scientists is a bachelor’s degree, followed by a master’s and doctorate.10 With a graduate degree of this caliber, your advanced curiosity, critical thinking skills, and creativity will help you stand out from the competition and find success in whatever role you choose to pursue.

Pie chart showing most common degrees for data scientists: Bachelor's 51%, Master's 34%, Doctorate 13%, Associate 1%, Other Degrees 1%

The Online Data Science, M.S. at New York Tech

  • No tech experience or course prereqs required to start
  • Complete in as few as 10 months*
  • Sponsored research grants from national institutes

*Completion time may be as short as 10 months if previous education satisfies the prerequisites. Talk to an admissions outreach advisor to see if you are eligible.

Preview the Program

Man in office with blue shirt working on laptop computer

Explore Your Passions in These Top Industries




Big Tech














Oil and Gas



Employment and Growth Projections for Top Industries11

Industries and Service Type 2032 Growth Projection
Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services38%
Computer Systems Design and Related Services43%
Finance and Insurance34%
Healthcare and Social Assistance33%
Computing Infrastructure Providers, Data Processing, etc.40%

Where Our Graduates Work

Moody’s Analytics • Axtria • IQuest Solutions • Kalo Technologies Inc. • Tata Consultancy Services

Empowering Women in Tech

Even though women make up 49% of the U.S. workforce, they only hold 26% of tech occupations.12

Tech Workforce Characteristics*12

Discrepancies in representation of women in tech occupations compared to all occupations: Black/African American women make up 12% of all occupations, 8% of tech occupations; Hispanic/Latina American women make up 17% of all occupations, 8% of tech occupations; Overall, women make up 49% of all women, but only 26% of tech occupations

*Data covers tech occupations

Paving the Path Forward

New York Institute of Technology is committed to supporting and empowering women to claim their place in the tech industry and become powerful role models for the next generation. The Online Data Science, M.S. has produced many notable female alumni and is taught by multiple female professors who’ve paved their own way in tech and beyond.

Six female staff members of New York Institute of Technology

Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Susan Gass, Teaching Assistant, Professor, Huanying Gu, Professor Associate Dean, Research & Practice, Sara Khanchi, Assistant Professor, Tao Zhang, Professor, Umme Zakia, Assistant Professor, Xueqing Huang, Associate Professor

Top 50
Performer in Social Mobility for Regional Universities in the North13
in Campus Diversity for Regional Universities in the North14
Top 25
Regional University in the North15

Drive Your Organization Forward

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Admissions Deadlines

Priority Deadline
June 28
Fall 2024
Final Deadline
August 14
Fall 2024
Start Date
September 4
Fall 2024
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