Command the Power of Big Data
Command the Power of Big Data

The Online Master’s in Data Science

The world runs on data, and the leaders who understand its tools and techniques will win the race to the top. The Online Data Science, M.S. from New York Institute of Technology is made especially for those leaders—those who see data for what it is: an opportunity.

Push your expertise further in data science concepts and methods to reach the next level of your career. Armed with the latest skills and a degree from a top 25 university in the region, there’s no telling where you can go next.1

Program Details:

  • 30 credits
  • 100% online
  • Complete in as few as 10 months
  • 3 opportunities to start per year
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Dive Deeper Into Data

Master machine learning, algorithms, probability, and more

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Make Your Learning Lucrative

Top 10% of U.S. Colleges for Return on Investment2

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Put Yourself in Demand

Lead in one of the fastest growing, well-paid positions today

Drive Your Organization Forward

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Essential Data Skills for Dynamic Careers

It’s no secret that modern business is defined by data. At New York Tech, you’ll learn both the cutting-edge and practice-oriented aspects of data science to tackle any situation. When you commit to furthering your education in data science and its related fields, you’ll become highly valuable in the job market for years to come.

Review the Curriculum

Program Takeaways:

  • Computing theory
  • Advanced data science
  • Machine learning
  • Data visualization
  • Statistics
  • Programming languages (SQL, R, SAS, Python, etc.)

Find Your Niche

At the end of the Online Master’s in Data Science program, you can choose to complete a thesis as part of your degree. Whichever subject matter you choose, the in-depth research and experience you complete will help you gain specialized skills and knowledge to better qualify you for research and development jobs. You also will have the chance to work on funded research projects with faculty members from sponsors such as the U.S. Department of Defense, National Science Foundation, and National Institutes of Health.

U.S. Department of Defense; National Science Foundation; National Institutes of Health
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Course Spotlight

DTSC 710: Machine Learning

In this course, students will learn important machine learning (ML) and data mining concepts and algorithms. Emphasis is on basic ideas and intuitions behind ML methods and their applications in activity recognition, and anomaly detection. This course will cover core ML topics such as classification, clustering, feature selection, Bayesian networks, and feature extraction.

High Growth, Higher Rewards

in job satisfaction3
job growth4
higher salary with a master’s5

What can I do with an Online Master’s in Data Science?

The demand for data science professionals has exploded in the past decade. As more businesses invest in digital transformation, they’re collecting “oceans of data” that they aren’t equipped to handle but are desperate to capitalize on.5 That means that job opportunities for data scientists and analysts will continue to multiply, both in terms of numbers and compensation.

Employment of data scientists is projected to grow 36% from 2021 to 2031, much faster than the average for all occupations.4 With an average salary of about $137,854, a booming job market, and impressively high job satisfaction, ‘data scientist’ was ranked the third best job in America in 2022.3,6

Data scientist6
Database administrator7
Machine learning engineer8
Meet Today’s Data Demands

Online Master’s in Data Science Faculty

Faculty Spotlights

Huanying (Helen) Gu, Ph.D.
Huanying (Helen) Gu, Ph.D.
Professor & Associate Dean, Research & Practice
Jerry Cheng, Ph.D
Jerry Chang, Ph.D
Assistant Professor
Frank Lee
Frank Lee
Professor & Department Chair
Sibel S

“With data, things that seemed impossible years ago can make life easier today in a very short time. With COVID-19, bipolar disorders, weather forecasts, and so many other uses, data science operations do the impossible.”

Sibel S.
Data Science, M.S. ‘22

Admissions At A Glance

Online Master’s in Data Science requirements:

  • Completed application form
  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution, with a GPA of 2.85 or higher on a 4.0 scale*
  • Copies of undergraduate transcripts
  • Copy of college diploma or proof of degree
  • Completed prerequisite courses in the following:
    • One computer programming course
    • One college-level statistics course
    • Basic linear algebra
    • Basic database systems

*If you do not satisfy this criterion, you may still be admitted at the dean's discretion. Talk to an admissions outreach advisor to see your options.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Online Master’s in Data Science?

Build on your undergraduate studies in computer science, data analytics, machine learning, data visualization, and more with an online master’s degree. The Online Data Science, M.S. at New York Tech is a graduate-level degree for professionals who want to advance in data science and data analytics positions. The classes and coursework are offered entirely online and can be completed whenever, and wherever, works best for you. Every aspect of the online master’s program—the faculty, content, and learning outcomes—are exactly the same as our on-campus degree.

Download our Program Brochure for more information.

What’s the difference between data science and data analytics?

Like many terms in this industry, data science and data analytics are closely related and can overlap, but they do have distinct differences.

Data science is a broader field (that actually can encompass data analytics) which requires a knowledge of math, advanced statistics, predictive modeling, machine learning, and programming. It is multi-disciplinary and focuses on making connections, predicting outcomes, and uncovering new hypotheses within and between datasets. Those who earn a master’s in data science are poised to become successful as an applications architect, business intelligence developer, machine learning engineer, or statistician.

Data analytics, on the other hand, involves a closer, usually historical view of data to derive insights and inform business decisions. If you want to earn a master’s degree in data analytics, you should have a strong background in statistics, databases, and modeling. With these skills, you’ll excel as a senior data analyst, database administrator, or consultant.

Is a Master’s in Data Science worth it?

In the field of data science, a master’s degree is often expected, if not required. Thus, to qualify for the promotions or new positions that you want, it’s an extremely beneficial addition to your resume, not just for the graduate-level distinction it holds, but also for the upper-level knowledge and skills that it will give you (and which employers will expect you to possess). Even better, studies show that data scientists with a master’s degree earn an average of 17% more than those with just an undergraduate degree.5

With this designation, as well as the valuable New York network and career resources that New York Tech provides, you’ll find that the Online Data Science, M.S. is well worth your time. So much so, in fact, that New York Tech is ranked No. 9 in New York and in the top 10% in the U.S. for Return on Investment (ROI).9, 2 As one of the top 25 universities in the region, we pride ourselves on putting our students and their needs first.1

Admissions Deadlines

Priority Deadline
November 17
Spring 2024
Final Deadline
December 15
Spring 2024
Start Date
January 22
Spring 2024

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